We have been serving North Mississippi, parts of Tennessee, Memphis area, and Alabama for 20 years. Our consultants have helped thousands of customers create the area of the home where those great family experiences and memories take place. We are located at 8555 Hwy 64 - Oakland, TN 38060. Our stores are located near Memphis and also the Tupelo / Saltillo, MS area..

We at Fireplace Creations realize our customers are our most valuable asset. (google danger of vent free) For over 23 years thousands of you in MS, TN and AL have placed your trust in our consultants, installers and technicians. We value each of you – thank you for your business and trust. At Fireplace Creations it is our goal to help make any decision to do business with us a great experience. We want to help you create that area inside or outside your home where memories are made and great family experience take place. (google dangers of vent free)

We carry a full line of Gas, Wood, Pellet, and Electric Fireplaces, Stoves and Inserts. We carry a full line of Gas Logs for Indoors and Outdoors. Outdoor fireplaces and firepits, stainless steal burners for firepits, broken glass, glass beads and lava rock for your outdoor firepits, Gas Grills, Pellets Grills and Smokers, stainless doors and side burners for your outdoor kitchen. We carry a full line of wood and stone mantles, marble, granite and stone surrounds. (google dangers of vent free) We have factory trained consultants, installers and technicians to create the best service possible. Most of all, we give you the best part service after the sell. Tired of that old drafty fireplace? We can help – our friendly consultants will be glad to show you all the most up to date possibilities for your new fireplace look. It is much easier than you think to replace most fireplaces, vent-free and pre-fab fireplaces can be changed out to create a new look in as little as a day. Give us a call – we will make your dream of that new fireplace look come true. (google dangers of vent free)

As you may see by now we are trying to encourage you to google dangers of vent free before purchasing a vent free product. For 23 years we at Fireplace Creations have worked hard to provide our customers with the most up to date and truthful information about hearth products possible. 23 years ago when we decided to get into the hearth business and began to look at products to sell, un-vented was the big deal (later the name was changed to vent free. It was said the name changed because un-vented sounded like to the consumer there was something missing, the vent) so now vent free is the name. After doing our research on un-vented/vent free/room vented products, we knew we would never put a vent free in our own home. This created a problem. If we wouldn't put a vent free product in our own home how could we sell vent free to consumers? So the decision was made, "We will not sell vent free products" (google dangers of vent free)

We also felt there would be many of you that if you had all the facts, that you would not want a vent free product in your home. We began to share what we had learned about vent free products and as we did, we began to hear more complaints about vent free – customers were sharing with us that they weren't told about all the possible issues associated with vent free, the only thing they had heard was, it was a great heat source and could go just about anywhere in the home. The consumer was never told about the bad smell, soot, water on windows and walls, discolored walls and ceilings, possible health related issues, vent free can not be used as a primary heat source, cracking windows to provide proper combustion and ventilation air, sizing the vent free fireplace properly and the list goes on. As we started going to home shows in the 6 states region we have distribution in, it became apparent there was a lot of misinformation or no information out there about vent free (room vented products) (google dangers of vent free) We at Fireplace Creations decided to put it at the top of our list to help make sure that the consumer at least got both sides of the story. Then at least you would have a little more knowledge to base your purchasing decision on. Like I said, that was 23 years ago when this started. We at Fireplace Creations now have replaced 100's of vent free products with direct vent gas and pellet products. Our dealers across our 6 stat region replace vent free products as well. We hear it repeated all the time, "I wished some one would have told us" This is our attempt to help you. Do your research, GOOGLE DANGERS OF VENT FREE – get the facts- It could save you thousands in possible home repairs and possible health related issues for you and your family. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Get the facts…there are 3 types of gas products – Direct vent, Vented, and Vent free.

Direct Vent - are the best products for today's new homes. Many on the market today are very efficient and can heat a large area of the home. Direct vent gas products are totally sealed and all combustion air comes form the outside of the home eliminating any gas by-products (fumes, soot, moisture, etc) from coming into the home Benefits are realistic flames, great heat source and can be installed into any room of the home.

Vented – uses room air for combustion, most of the heat goes up flue/chimney, usually higher BTU's but they do have a great look.

Vent Free – uses room air for combustion, all heat come in the home along with all gas by-products (fumes, soot, moisture) your home becomes the chimney.


Food for thought: Would you want a dentist performing open heart surgery on you? I wouldn't think so. It's the same thing in the Hearth Industry. A lot of places sell fireplaces, stoves, and gas logs, but only a few are in the fireplace business. Do business with a professional that uses NFI certified installers and technicians.

If you are building or remodeling, or just want to add an indoor or outdoor fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, or living room, give us a call. Our Professional Hearth Consultants will be happy to help you create those areas of your home where great family experiences and memories will take place. Call today! (901) 465-4310
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